Content Management Systems as Product in 2015

Recent news from about the Washington Post’s possible licensing of their CMS has me thinking more and more about the role of focused, task-based CMS tools in the marketplace. I’ve tried to follow Vox’s Chorus tool through the years, with their team continuing to grow. The Post is building it’s product teams in office in NYC and DC. Vox has taken to building a remote team, chasing the best talent wherever it may roam, an approach that Automattic and it’s founder, Matt Mullenweg, certainly embrace and evangelize. You need vision, money and talent to pull off a product of scale like a CMS. While there’s plenty of room in the enterprise for task-centric publishing tools, there’s far less room for do-everything-for-everyone products. Vox has shown their product has a laser-like focus on publishing their way (syndications, story flow, advertising are all key features). Time will tell if the Post’s approach will be the same, if not I fear they’re going down the same path other bloated, extinct tools have trod. Looking at the Washington Post’s builtwith profile, I don’t have a lot of hope for anything being ‘laser-focused’ there.